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The process of repairing old photos is something I enjoy. I love the expressions my customers give me, when they see the treasured photos, they had just about given up on, have been given new life.

Call or Query

If you have photo that needs repair, give me a call or query, by using the form to the right. If you live in the area, you are welcome to schedule a time to bring your prints in for an exact accessment and price.

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My Credentials

I began digital editing work over fifteen years ago. I hated having to pay my photo lab their exorbitant fees, whenever a correction needed to be made to one of my images. So I acquired the necessary software and equipment and learned to do it myself. At this time, film negatives and slides (positive transparency film) was still the primary media used, by professionals. If an image needed editing, I would scan the slide or negative to create a digital copy.

By 2005, most photographers, professional and amateur alike, made the transition from film to digital. As a professional photographer, in order to provide my clients with the quality product they expect, it is imperative to devote a *significant amount of time in the digital darkroom. (*That has always been the one big drawback to digital photography.) After photographing a wedding, I typically spend anywhere from twenty to forty hours editing the resulting images.

My point to all this is that I have literally spent thousands of hours, making digital corrections and alterations to images. As most people can attest to, if you spend that much time doing anything, you become rather efficient at what you do. Fifteen years ago, when a woman brought in the torn and faded print of two baby children (shown above), it took me nearly four hours to do the digital repair work. Today, I can do the same thing in less than twenty minutes.

What this all translates into for you, the customer, is SAVINGS, more production and less cost. You can go somewhere where they supposedly specialize in this kind of stuff and pay through the nose, or you can have me do it , better and for less.

Restored Baby Photo

Digital Services

Photo Repair - Print Repair of Old, Faded or Damaged Photographic Prints

I do not repair original prints. Instead, the old or damaged print is scanned and a digital copy is created. The original print is returned to you. Digital corrections are made to the digital file.

After completion, we can make prints from the new file and provide you with just the digital file. Prices vary according to the amount of work required to correct the print. If you are in the area, depending on the size of the job, I may be able to do the work, while you wait.

Digital Conversions

Digital Conversions, from Positve Transparency, Negative or Print to Digital Files
Digital Conversions differ from PHOTO REPAIR, in that all we are doing is creating a digital file from your prints or negatives. Although your prints may have flaws, no editing work is performed. Slight adjustments are made to color, brightness and contrast, but that is it. ( You can always have editing work done, at a later date, For now, you just want to record and preserve the information that still exists on the prints, before it dissapears forever.)

Why would you want this done?
For one, you will be able to preserve your photos for posterity. It is the most foolproof way of preserving your most cherished photos. Most people have an archive of old family photographs that have been passed on from one generation to the next. The quality of these prints will continue to deteriorate over time. They fade, become yellow and eventually loose important detail that cannot be recovered. If you still have negatives that have been kept in good condition, you may be okay for a while. If you do not have negatives, then having digital conversions made is absolutely the way to go.

Another boon to having digital copies made is that it cost less to produce prints from digital files. Where negative film is slowly being phased out, finding a photo lab that will produce prints from negatives has become more difficult and expensive.

Another reason is that digital files have more inherent uses. Now, you can put images on Facebook, have a digital album made for your parents, a number of things you could not do before.

Basic Image Editing and Special Effects

If you can think it, I can probably do it. Some requests, like swapping heads, fixing glare in eye glasses are generally easy fixes. Other request, like changing backgrounds will take more time. What is your requests? Let me know, above.

The image below was a marriage of two images. The couple wanted the separate photos, of them and the rainbow, taken on their wedding day, integrated into one image.

This image shows a marriage of two images into one.

Get A Price Quote - There are 3 ways to do it

VISIT: If you live in the Tucson, Marana or Oro Valley area, all you have to do is call (520-744-2067) to set up an appointment to show your photos. I will provide you with an on-the-spot assessment of the repair cost. PLEASE ~ NO UNANNOUNCED or DROP BY VISITS! (I work from a home/office.)

SEND ME AN EMAIL: If you only have a few images you want estimates for, send an email and attach digital samples of each image.

SHIP IT TO ME: If you cannot generate digital files, ship your prints or negatives to me. *Click here for shipping details and instructions.

PLEASE READ: Submitting photographic media for repair or duplication, in digital or hard copy, implies that you own or have given been the go-ahead to have copies made. If your images were taken by an active photographer or studio, be sure you have their prior approval before submitting your media. Check with me, if you have any questions.

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