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Tucson Headshots
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Tucson Headshots

Thank you for your interest in my photography services. I am a full time photographer of twenty years. My home studio is located on the northwest side of Tucson. Tucson headshots is a service I began providing a little over four years ago. However, I have been studying the way light falls and can flatter faces much longer than that.

We are all created equally, but as beautiful, unique, individuals, with varying purposes and missions in life. Similarly, it has been my experience, every face, every person, requires individualized treatment. There is no one magical formula of posing and manipulating light that will work across the board with everyone. However, if you will allow me the opportunity, you can bet I will put every year of my experience into finding a few formulas that will work with you. Regardless of what part of town your from, I will make your trip worth it. Sometimes the photo session is over and done with quickly. Other times it can take a little longer. In the end, the only thing that really matters to me is that you are happy. If, by some long shot, I am unable to put a post shoot smile on your face or to fully satisfy your expectations, you do not have to pay me a penny

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Headshot Photos

Unless you are in a business or involved in an activity that requires them, you may not know what headshots are. There is no shame in that. In fact, I was there once myself. Just the word, headshots, can elicit some pretty funny looks from people. Headshots? What are those? Why not call them portraits, I am often asked.

Therefore, to clarify to those who may be unfamiliar with the term, headshots are portraits that concentrate on the upper body, from the shoulders to the top the head. Sections of the body, from chest down, are generally not included in the photos. However, that does not mean we cannot step outside of these defined lines.

People need professional headshots for a myriad of reasons, such as high school senior photos, dating and social media sites or as business portraits and career related media, such as portfolios, websites, books, periodicals, business cards, etc. People of all ages, cultures, careers and walks of life have passed through my doors.

Natural Light Studio

There are two ways I can take your headshots. I can come to your home or business location and take them there, but it would cost you at least twice as much, or you can come to my home studio and take advantage of my $50 Headshots Special, which is what most people do. My home studio is somewhat unconventional, in that I do not work with standard traditional looking backgrounds. Instead, I achieve equally and often better results, by using white walls and natural window lighting techniques. This process involves the use of reflectors, deflectors and, on rare occasions, fill lighting. In general, it is a laid back, unconventional, setting that my customers say, feels much more comfortable than traditional studios.

Head Shots - The Changing Background

The white walls in my photo room comprise the backdrop for the majority of the headshots I take. The hues on these walls are influenced by the varying degrees of the natural light that filters through my windows, at different times of day, and the diffusion materials I use. It is also influenced by the colors worn by my subjects. If my subject happens to be wearing purple, the background can appear slightly purple. The same thing can occur with just about every other color, except black and white. These effects are part of what makes my photo room a magical place for headshot photography. That said some of my customers require a more specific look for their background.

In the two samples, below, I illustrate the changes I made from the naturally preexisting background color (inset photos) to a color theme, chosen by my subjects. I call this, making a faux background of a faux background. When requested, I perform these changes post-shoot, in my digital dark room, (aka. Photoshop). If you have a specific background color scheme in mind, please provide a sample image, if possible. I will implement a background to match your selected images. Many studios that use artificial backgrounds cannot even promise you that.
See Headshots Special, for more details.

Before and After Headshot photos of Mark Before and After Headshot photos of Ross

Headshots in Monochrome - All headshots are originally taken in color.
Any of your color images can later be converted to monochrome (one color), during post production, at no cost.
All you have to do is ask.

Kathryn Luke - Classical Mucic Conductor Paulla Scott

Headshots Photography Prices and Details | If you are not sure what to wear, read these fashion Tips.

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