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Tucson Headshots
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Tucson Headshots Photographer
I am a professional photographer, with over twenty years of experience. I began providing professional head shots about three years ago. It is a facet of my business that I absolutely love! I love meeting new people and coming up with photos that not only defines their personality, but makes them look their very best!

Head Shot Photos

Unlike portraits that can vary from full body shots to three quarters of body or just the face, headshots are portraits that limit the focus to no more than the head, neck and upper areas of the shoulders. The section of the body, from chest down, is typically not included in the photos. The main reason people have them taken is for professional, career related media, such as business cards, books, articles, portfolios, websites, Facebook and Linked In profiles etc. People from all walks of life have passed through my doors.

There are two ways you can have Headshots taken. I can come to your home or business location and take them there, or you can do what most people do, which is to come to my home studio. I actually prefer to call it, my photo room. My photo room is somewhat unconventional, in that I do not work with standard traditional looking backgrounds. Instead, I affectively produce the same professional results, by using *white walls and natural window lighting techniques. This process involves reflectors and gobos. It is a setting that feels very comfortable to my subjects. (*My white background can be rendered blue, green, brown or just about any other color, under the sun. See samples below.)


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Faces of Antonella
If you are looking for more than just a couple of great headshot photos, I can always take more. See NEXT page.

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Those are wonderful portraits and exactly what I was looking for. You really seemed to have understood my description of what I was looking for 'Nice and Professional Casual'; I appreciate your artistry. They are very good! Thanks again!
~Laura Roche

Mrs. Arizona US Continental, Catherine HeckerJulia - ActorKris - Team member at Dr. Brian Mitchell DentistryMorgan

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Head Shots ~ The Changing Background

The white walls in my photo room comprise the backdrop for the majority of headshots I take. The hues on these walls are influenced by the varying degrees of the natural light that filters through my windows, at different times of day, and the diffusion materials I use. It is also influenced by the colors worn by my subjects. If my subject happens to be wearing purple, the background can appear slightly purple. The same thing can occur with just about every other color, except black and white. These effects are part of what makes my photo room a magical place for headshot photography. That said some of my customers require a more specific look for their background.

In the two samples, below, I illustrate the changes I made from the naturally pre-existing background color (inset photos) to a color theme, chosen by my subjects. I call this, making a faux background of a faux background. When requested, I perform these changes post-shoot, in my digital dark room, (aka. Photoshop). If you have a specific background color scheme in mind, please provide a sample image, if possible. I will implement a background to match your selected images. Many studios that use artificial backgrounds cannot even promise you that.
See Headshots Special, for more details.

Before and After Headshot photos of MarkBefore and After Headshot photos of Ross

Headshots in Monochrome ~ All headshots are originally taken in color.
Any of your color images can later be converted to monochrome (one color), during post production, at no cost.
All you have to do is ask.

KathrynLuke - Classical Mucic ConductorPaullaJulia

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