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Tucson Headshots
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I have available sittings this week.
To schedule a sitting, call my land line (520-744-2067), send me a text (520-990-3964) or fill out this form.

Head Shots

Whether you need head shots for business, model head shots, actor head shots or just want them for personal use, it will be my pleasure to take them for you! Satisfaction is guaranteed or you do not pay me a penny.

We are all created equally, but as unique individuals, with varying purposes and missions in life. As a photographer and student of light, for over thirty years, it has been my experience every face, every person, requires special treatment. There is no one magical formula of posing and manipulating light that will work across the board with everyone. However, if you will allow me the opportunity, you can bet I will put every year of my experience into finding a few formulas that will work with you. Photo sessions can either be done quickly or, depending upon your needs, they can take as long as two hours. In the end, the only thing that really matters to me is that you are one-hundred percent happy with your photos.

Paul, thank you for the time that you took with me this morning to get the photos just right. I was not looking forward to the sitting as I usually don't like photos of myself, but your calm, professional manner and your peaceful home put me at ease. I am grateful to you! ~ Julena (Email)

Also see my pages for Business Portraits and Actor Headshots.

Steve - Actor Head Shot Janice - Book Author Phillip - Actor Head Shot Tanya - Book Author Andre - Music Professor
Natasha Manny - Actor Sharon Shiho - Pianist Mina
Kai Jasmin - Actor Jade - Model Steve - Actor Head Shot Alba - Actor

NOTE: The images above serve to show samples of my work. They have all been watermarked with my logo and declaration of copyrights, to protect them from potential fraud or misuse. Rest assured, the digital files you receive, as outlined in my Headshot Deals, will not contain these watermarks. See more samples on my page for Business Portraits.

Finding Paul was like finding a diamond amongst rhinestones. He is a total package of expertise, excellence and is also highly user-friendly! He made the process of getting my professional head shots simple, comfortable, and easy on the wallet! Don't hesitate to book him! ~ Cheryl Frocz (Google review)

There are two ways that I can take your head shot photos. I can either come to your home or business location and take them there, or you can come to my home studio and take advantage of my in-studio head shot deals, which is what most of my customers do.

Portrait Studio

By coming to me, you not only save yourself the $50 service fee, required for me to bring and set up my studio equipment at your location, but you will also have the opportunity to experience the laid back atmosphere of my home studio, which my customers regularly tell me, feels much more comfortable than any portrait studio they have ever been to. My portrait studio is a marriage of natural and traditional studio lighting.

Where I once used window lighting techniques, exclusively, I now employ traditional studio lighting, too. I love the use of natural window lighting to illuminate my subjects. I started using it over twenty five years ago, at the start of my career, with bride and grooms. I have become very resourceful with it. However, everything has limitations. I am always looking for ways to improve upon my art, as a portrait photographer, and to make my portrait photography services as comprehensive as possible. If that means adding things from time to time, so be it. For portrait shoots, during regular daylight hours, I will either use classic window lighting techniques, traditional studio lighting or a combination of both, whatever happens to work best to obtain the optimum results we are looking for. Of course, for evening appointments, it is all studio lighting. Get directions to my studio

For backdrops, I offer black, white and two popular shades of blue. Additionally, for a creamy white look, I frequently use the bare walls in my studio. Aside from that, if you need an even more specific look for your backdrop, I can create it post-shoot. Learn more.

Tom Rompel - Testimonial

Headshot Photos

Unless you are in a business or involved in an activity that requires them, you may not know what headshots are. There is no shame in that. The truth be told, I was there once myself. Just the word, headshots, can elicit some pretty funny looks from people. Headshots? What are those? Why not call them portraits, I am often asked.

To clarify, head shots are portraits which concentrate solely on the upper body, from the shoulders to the top the head. Sections of the body, below the chest, are generally not included in the photos. However, that does not mean we cannot step outside these defined lines, during your photo shoot.

People need professional headshots for a myriad of reasons, such as high school senior photos, dating and social media sites or as business portraits and career related media, such as portfolios, websites, books, periodicals, business cards, etc. People of all ages, cultures, careers and walks of life have passed through my doors.

Paul is a wonderful photographer! He provides a comfortable and relaxed setting that allows you to be you. His keen eye for lighting and creative energy produces beautiful photos for any occasion. I was very lucky to find him for my photo shoot. Thanks, Paul! ~ Steve (Google review)

Also see my pages for Business Portraits and Actor Headshots.

Headshots in Monochrome - All headshots are originally taken in color.
Any of your color images can later be converted to monochrome (one color), during post production, at no cost.
All you have to do is ask.

Deena Luke - Classical Mucic Conductor Chrissy Scott

Bring a friend that needs headshots too and get 10% OFF your combined purchase.

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