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Nature Photography

Nature Photography - The Garden of Eden

My passion for photography began with photographing nature. I have always found the natural world to be a flawless and beautiful place. As long as I can remember it has been the elixir I turn to, whenever I feel the need to rejuvenate and get away from it all. In a few years, I branched out to photographing weddings and engagements, which later expanded even further, to photographing portraits and much more.

Nature photography is the foundation upon which all the other forms photography I offer today was built. I still love to get out on the trails, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Through the years, I have been fortunate to have compiled hundreds of what I deem to be noteworthy landscapes and close-ups of nature. Here are a just few to soothe your eyes, if only for a moment. Unfortunately, in order to protect my intellectual rights to the images, I have to keep them small for this page. Thanks for viewing!

~ Paul

Pickeral Weed Reflections - Hopedale Pond, Massachusetts Pink Blossoms Ironwood National Monument, Arizona Sumac Leaves Monarch on Quenne Ann Lace Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona Monarch on Quenne Ann Lace
White Sands - White Sands National Monument, New Mexico The Ebbing Tide - Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Bare Tree, Hill - Fairhaven, Massachusetts Waves, Cliffs - Beavertail, Rhode Island Pebbles ~ Rhode Island Beach Poppies, Santa Catalina Mountains.- Tucson, Arizona Bare Bush, Winter - Millis, Massachusetts
Snowy River - Bellingham Massachusetts Frozen Raspberry Bushes Light, Waves Wild Lupine - Bellingham, Massachusetts The Longest Journey Red Dunes - Cape Cod, Massachusetts Orange, Pink and Yellow
Hazy Sun and Sea, Rhode Island Bass Harbor Light - Acadia National Park, Maine The Passage Star and May Flowers - Hopedale Parklands, Massachusetts White Woods - Bellingham, Mass Saguaro Sunset - Tucson, Arizona The Reach - Acadia National Park, Maine

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