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Family Portrait Photography
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Family Portrait Studio

Rounding up the posse and getting all family members to agree on a day for family portraits is seldom easy. However, if your family feels up to the task, I would love the opportunity to take them for you!

There are three ways I can take them for you. We can do them at my home-studio, I can come to your home or we can schedule them somewhere on location, within the city of Tucson or at an outdoor park.

Family Studio Portraits

The simplest and least expensive way to have family photos taken is at my home studio. A bathroom and dressing room will be yours, exclusively, for the duration of your stay. There, you will be able to spruce up and make any adjustments and changes, before or between shoots. We can mix up the types of portraits we take, from formal, to casual, to funny, whatever fits the personality of your family. Note, space in my photography studio is limited to group sizes of 2-6 people. Beyond that, we might have to do it at your home or other location.

Family Portrait Photography
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The First Family
First Family Photos First Family Photos First Family Photos First Family Photos First Family Photos

Family Portraits at Your Home

There is nothing more convenient than to have me come to you. As a professional photographer of twenty years, I am very good at abstracting areas in and around homes that will work photographically and you will have everything you need, your wardrobe, make up and accessories, right at your fingertips. In the rare event, that I am not able to find an area suitable for family portraits, I will bring portable backdrops and studio lighting available for indoor portraits. Because there is more time involved, with on location shoots, they cost a little more.

Click the thumbnails below to see them enlarged and in their entirety.

First Family Photos First Family Photos First Family Photos First Family Photos
The Moreno Family The Roling Family The Moore Family The Moreno's

Family Photos at an Outdoor Park

Given the beauty of the natural environment in the Tucson area, it is no wonder that many families opt to have their family portraits taken at an outdoor setting. Tucson is teeming with parks all around. If you are not sure where you would like yours taken, I can definitely recommend a few places, based on what you want. Keep in mind, the time of day is critical. Since most natural settings in the desert valley offer little in the way of shading, I like to time portrait sessions, during the latter part of the day, as the fading light allows for better light and more photographic opportunities.

Get package and pricing information, for in studio and on location family portrait shoots. Get tips on how to dress and prepare for your family portrait shoot.

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