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Tucson Headshots
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Business Head Shots

Business head shots and business portraits account for more than fifty percent of my portrait photography. With Head Shots Prices, starting at just $39, plus tax, my deals are about as good as you will find, anywhere.

Like it or not, in the corporate or business world, first impressions matter. Your business head shots are often the first thing potential clients, business partners or employers will see. I would love the chance to help you make your first impression count!

Call me, at 520-744-2067, to schedule an appointment or fill out this form.

48-hour turn around service is available.

If you need headshots for acting or modeling,
see my page for Actor Headshots.

For more information about my services, as a headshot photographer, please check out my Main Head Shots page.

When you call (520-744-2067) or submit the form to make an appointment, mention how your business head shots will be used. Look at the samples below. In terms of background, what will coordinate best with your end product? Do you see it or do you have something else in mind? The information will help me formulate a game plan, in advance of your appointment. If you do not have a specific look in mind, we will, successfully, adlib it, when you get here.

I needed a business head shot and based on the reviews made an appointment with Paul and he did an outstanding job. He takes the time to take a lot of shots and makes sure you are satisfied with the final pictures that he will then edit for the final product. Friendly, professional and most importantly wants to make sure that you are satisfied with the end product.
~ Chris Kronkhite (Google Review)

Leann Eric Angie Nate Paige
Kayla Greg Diane Sameer Joanne
Corporate Headshot - Bill Nemuel Cruz Christine Soleil George

NOTE: The images above serve the purpose of showing you samples of my work. They have all been watermarked with my logo and declaration of copyrights, to protect them from potential fraud or misuse. Rest assured, the digital files you receive, as outlined in my Headshot Deals, will not contain these watermarks. Also see samples on my main Head Shots page.

Friendly guy, met me next day, easy to get along with, lots of pictures quickly, low prices, got me 2 great pictures within 24 hours. Northwest. I am using him again. ~Jim (Google Review)

Secretaries, doctors, lawyers, bankers, real estate brokers and agents are just some of the business people that have come through my doors. If you will have me, there are two ways that I can take your business portraits. You are more than welcome to come to my home studio, to have them taken, or, if it is more convenient for you, I can come to your home or place of work.

Perhaps, the biggest benefit to coming to me is that you can potentially walk away with all you need for as little as $39 plus tax. I also offer a choice of two studios set ups, one for natural light portraits, the other for traditional studio portraits. If there is a downside to coming to my place, it is that you may have to travel a little bit to get here. My backgrounds are limited to my professional backdrops, but read box below. I also offer backgrounds with foliage, from scenic photos, I have taken.

If you prefer to have me come to you, there is a $50 service fee added to your package. So be prepared to spend at least $89, plus tax. The service includes travel and set up time at your location. See my head shots prices for more information. For backdrops, we can use any one of my portable backgrounds or, if you prefer, we can use an ambient setting inside or outside your building for the background. We can also take half or full body business portraits, as needed.

Business Portraits

Business portraits can be divided into two categories, business head shots and business portraits. Business Headshots focus primarily on a subjects head and shoulder area and are the most common of the two. You have seen them in many places, as they serve many purposes. They are commonly used on business cards, promotional materials, websites and social media sites. When you consider how small these images will be when they are finally used, tells you why the focus is primarily on the head and shoulders. It is the biggest bang for the buck. (See above samples.)

Business portraits, on the other hand, can show anywhere from half to the entire body shots. I do not charge more for one than the other. However, if you want a combination of business headshots and business portraits, it may better if I came to your location for the shoot. While I can do full length portraits in my studio, it might be nicer to use an actual background, as opposed to a muslin background.

Backgrounds for Professional Portraits

My studio backgrounds are very portable. I can bring them almost anywhere. I offer muslin backgrounds in white, gray, black and blue, as these are the most common background colors used for business portraits. If you need another background color, let me know. I am very capable of producing your desired backdrop with Photoshop, of which I have seventeen years of experience. You will never be able to tell the difference. I also have a green screen background, which is often used, commericially, to cut the subject from the green background onto another background.

The two samples, below, illustrate the changes I made from the naturally pre-existing background color (inset photos) to a color theme, chosen by my subjects. I call this, making a faux background of a faux background. When requested, I perform these changes post-shoot, in my digital dark room, (aka. Photoshop).

Before and After Headshot photos of Mark Before and After Headshot photos of Ross

Bring A Sample
If you have a specific background color scheme in mind, please provide a sample image, if possible. I will create a similar background, with Photoshop, and incorporate it into your selected image(s). (Note: The faux backgrounds, shown above, were created before I purchased my blue backgrounds.)


Ollie the Owl: Meet Ollie, the Western Screech owl! For two years straight, he would pop in, during the early summer and stay for the entire monsoon season. I updated his headshot every time, pro-bono. During his stays he would hang out in different spots along my patio, keeping my customers entertained.

Alas, so far this monsoon season, there have been no Ollie sightings. Who knows, maybe he is taking the long way home? Hopefully, he'll show up again at some point.

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